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Lead with The #1 Beverage in the US - Bottled Water

Convenience stores across the country have developed proven strategies for marketing bottled water. Try these refreshing ideas in your stores.

Merchandise In and Out of the cooler.

Did you know 47% of shoppers prefer to buy room temperature Bottled Water? When 1L bottled water is displayed in rack or on an end cap or rack sales grow anywhere from 30% to 70% in summer months!

Make your Sales Sparkle

Sparkling Water is the hottest beverage in the store. Sales for unsweetened Sparkling Water were up 32% in convenience stores in 2016.

Double Down on 1 Liter

1 Liter is the top selling Bottled Water size in convenience stores. The average shoppers purchases more than one bottle per trip. Encourage trading up by offering deals on the purchase of 2 bottles.